Robyn Anderson

Robyn Anderson

Robyn “The Fixer” Anderson. A get-it-done consultant who never stops asking questions

Robyn Anderson joined Navint Partners in 2017, coming to us from State Street Bank, where she spent more than a decade travelling the globe and spearheading internal process improvement initiatives as varied as financial system conversions, expatriate expense and taxation and global revenue management. She became known as “The Fixer” for her ability to tackle new and complex roles, sussing out the situation, asking the right questions and always steering initiatives to achieve their goals.

It was during one of these projects that she met our own Pete Getchell, who was working for the bank as an outside consultant. “I immediately appreciated his skill and professionalism,” Robyn recalls. “And later, when I began considering a career move, I called Pete to discuss the world of business consulting. Pete not only said I’d be great at it, he said he wanted to hire me.”

Now that Robyn is fixing for Navint, she’s applying the same get-it-done-right attitude to our clients’ projects, including a leading digital company in the human capital management industry. After helping select the best financial management solution to suit their visions, she’s now working on implementing that solution. It involves a fair amount of organizational change management, just the stuff Robyn thrives on. “I love getting my hands dirty in a project. I go all in.”

With Robyn’s experience, she could likely work anywhere she wanted, but Navint is the firm that drew her in. Why? “I like the boutique nature of Navint. It’s all about integrity and the quality of the work here, not the number of billable hours.”

Robyn says the best thing about working for Navint is the company’s hyper-focus on building collaborative client partnerships. “I call it working with a client, not for a client. That’s how Navint rolls. We’re always critically aware that we’re hired to deliver value, and we can only do that by asking questions and doing a lot of listening. We really immerse ourselves in our clients’ operations so that we’re able to not only get the project done right, we’re able to offer suggestions for other areas of strategic improvement while we’re in there.”

Asking the right questions is a specialty of Robyn’s (and she does it in a really cool accent). And asking questions is a trait that we at Navint find invaluable. Asking questions is the mark of a curious mind, and curious minds solve problems. By never assuming she knows the answers first, Robyn is able to greet each challenge with a fresh approach and an open mind, grounded in the wisdom gained by solving business problems for a living.

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