Pete Getchell

Pete Getchell: 20 years, 4,000 miles, $150k — and he’s not done yet

Pete Getchell has been with Navint since 1998, an invaluable member of our consulting team. We could tell you about the countless projects he’s lent his expertise to, or the dozens of businesses who’ve benefitted from his talents, or the numerous accolades he receives from clients and coworkers alike, but instead we thought we’d share a different side of Pete.

Back in 1997, on a dare from his boss (pre-Navint) Pete signed up for the Pan-Mass Challenge, a 200-mile bike ride across the hills and hollers of the great state of Massachusetts. The PMC as it’s known, raises more money for charity than any other single athletic fundraising event in the country. Every cent of every dollar raised goes to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and to date the PMC has raised more than $654 million for the cause.

To enter the race back then, entrants had to raise a minimum of $1,500 (it’s $5,000 now). Pete used cards, letters and his charm to raise the funds (this was 1997 remember) and he successfully completed his first PMC. Now 20 years later, Pete has raised more than $150,000 to help fight cancer. And he’s not done yet. In August 2019, Pete will ride in his 21st PMC.

Navint keeps Pete pretty busy; he’s on the road a lot. So for him to find the time and the energy both for the fundraising and the training required for the event is commendable, but Pete doesn’t see it as exceptional — he sees it as part of his human responsibility. “Raising money and riding 200 miles pales in comparison to what people who are fighting cancer have to go through.”

“I’ve received overwhelming support from both the firm and the folks at Navint. I bug my coworkers every year, and every year they open their wallets. To me it’s a real testament to the spirit of Navint that we all support making a difference — whether by riding or by giving. And so every year, whether it’s year 5, 6, 15, or 20, it’s the same story.” Speaking for the company, we feel privileged to participate (albeit vicariously and sweat free) in Pete’s pursuits.

Last year marked Pete’s 20th PMC, and it prompted a little retrospective on his part. “My wife Christine beat breast cancer last year, so the ride suddenly became personal. I can tell you, the worst feeling in the world is to feel helpless. And so I ride. And I’ve been well supported by the Navint team that just keeps on giving. Together we really can make a difference.”

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