Lauren Topol

Lauren Topol makes the case for building a career at Navint

In Spring 2015, Navint hired Lauren to head up the HR department here.  With a law degree in addition to previous career experience, it was a perfect fit.

Before long, though, members of the consulting team began tapping Lauren’s knowledge and experience for a client’s HR-related project. “That one project turned into more projects, and now I’m moving full-time into a consulting role and handing over the HR position to someone else.”

That kind of job fluidity isn’t uncommon at Navint. We believe in hiring the right caliber of people—those with a natural curiosity and creativity—and encouraging them to chart their own career path. We’ve found it’s easier to teach smart, inquisitive, and resourceful people a skillset than it is to teach people to be smart, inquisitive, and resourceful.

One could easily make the case that Lauren has curiosity in spades, and some other soft skills that transfer readily to her consulting role. There’s evidence that she’s highly organized, analytical, and detail oriented too. “Plus, I really enjoy working with people face to face.”

Lauren tells us she loves the variety of clients and projects she gets to be involved in—from a large sporting/entertainment complex to a beverage store to software and several technology companies. “I’ve worked on a wide scope of projects, from quality assurance to software selection processes, and marketing strategy development. There are a lot of opportunities at Navint to grow and advance and even pivot into new areas. I love that they encourage us to follow our interests and add value to the company in new and different ways.”

While Lauren appreciates the ability to chart her own career path, she also sees a clear linear progression for advancement within Navint. “I want to continue to build my skills, gain experience with different industries, and ultimately manage a team and be the lead on larger and larger projects.”

Does Lauren have advice for others navigating their career paths at Navint? “I’d tell them to arrive open minded and ready to learn. They might not start with the company with a full professional skillset, but by working with this team and getting involved, they will learn a tremendous amount and can use that knowledge to continually grow their careers.” Due diligence pays off at Navint.

What does Lauren think about the way Navint rolls? “The culture at Navint? I love it. Everyone I tell about my role at Navint says I have the best job ever, and I think they’re right. There’s a real sense that a work/life balance is important here. We all work hard, but we like to play hard too.”

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