Joel Farr

Joel Farr has 21 years at Navint. Has it all been a vacation?

Times Square, Madison Square Garden, Universal Studios (CA & FL), Washington, D.C. — just a few of the places where Joel Farr has spent considerable time over the past 21 years he’s been with Navint. Sounds like an extended vacation, but for Joel, it is all business. “Call me lucky, but I often seem to end up with projects in vacation destinations.”

While that fact may be a lucky coincidence, it’s no coincidence that Joel keeps busy working on a wide variety of projects, for a wide variety of clients. Joel is in demand. Clients want to work with him, bringing him back in for additional projects as their businesses grow and change. While many consultants find their “bread and butter” niche (expertise in a specific product or with a specific industry) and spend the bulk of their careers there—not Joel.

In the course of his tenure with Navint, Joel has worked with every big-name application you can name (think Oracle, SAP, Salesforce and PeopleSoft), and across industries such as TV, radio, education and high-tech electronics. His projects run the gamut from software selections and implementations, business process optimization, to custom application development. Joel tells us he loves the challenge and the opportunities the variety of projects provides. “As a smaller consulting firm, we all do it all. In a larger firm I probably would be assigned a niche. But my career is richer and most interesting due to the variety.”

The boutique-feel of Navint’s culture appeals to Joel for another reason as well. “I’m surrounded by really smart people. Everyone here works hard and is clearly dedicated to giving our clients the best. There’s no dead weight here. Everyone adds value, has a voice, and actively contributes to our success.”

Joel’s projects are often years in the making, and Joel typically works in each client’s location. Due in part to his longevity, but primarily due to his competence, staff there often turn to him for help even outside of the project scope. “I remember hearing someone directing a new hire to ask me about something, because, they said, ‘He knows everything.’” We can vouch for that too—it seems Joel does know everything. His latest role is proof: “A client recently asked if I’d serve as the Fire Warden for the floor.”

We just read that nationwide the average employee tenure is just four years. At 21 years with Navint, Joel is certainly bucking the trend. We like to think it’s because of the fulfilling nature of his job, but more likely it’s because he spends so much time in vacation hotspots.

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