Jim Martindale

Navint Team at Recurring Revenue Conference
Jim Martindale and the Navint team at the Recurring Revenue Conference

Navigating change. Piloting success.

Today’s business landscape is unlike anything history has seen, and it continues to change at breakneck speed. Technology accelerates the pace of that change and ushers in tremendous opportunity—and less time to capitalize on that opportunity. Companies need to get it right the first time or risk being left behind. Jim Martindale understands this challenge better than most, and makes it his mission to help Navint’s clients get it right. Jim has been with Navint for over decade, and its chief executive officer and chief change navigator for the past four years.

Jim’s focus is Navint’s recurring revenue practice, where he brings a professional lifetime of business transformation experience to help our clients solve their most complex challenges. When asked how he does it, Jim is quick to share the credit with his team, “We hire and train passionate problem solvers with competencies at the intersection of business and technology. Of course we value the experience, education, and training our team members bring to our company, but we also value the unique perspective, curiosity, and insight they bring as individuals. Business is people, and the best businesses attract and retain the best people.”

Jim’s teams meet customers at any stage in their digital transformations and solve complexities by thinking about their businesses in non-traditional ways. In fact, Jim and Navint have mastered the non-traditional approach to problem solving. “We are truly agnostic. Unconstrained by a specific technology, vendor, or partnership, we work on behalf of our customers. Our clients appreciate that we don’t arrive with a predisposition and try to force-fit their business into a pre-defined box. We help businesses transform in ways unique to them, using tried and true methodologies, toolkits, best-practices and business acumen backed by real-world experience.”

With extensive experience in the media and entertainment sector, Jim has witnessed the impact of the subscription economy on this industry firsthand. In fact, Jim sees the media and entertainment industry as an example of the struggles companies in every sector face as they seek to monetize their offerings in the new subscription economy. “It’s a widespread problem—companies running their old and declining business while trying to grow the digital business. They have to create new business processes, find and implement new technology, and develop talent to deal with the new world. And this is what Navint does—we help businesses transform their business models and capture their share of the digital economy.”

Successfully piloting a growing company like Navint means staying ahead of every curve and keeping a watchful eye out for obstacles while also embracing the adventure. With Jim’s steady and creative hands on the wheel, we know that wherever the road leads, Navint will remain headed in the right direction.

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