Infiniti Thomas-Waheed

Infiniti shows us what Navint and college basketball have in common

Infiniti Thomas-Waheed joined us right out of college with a degree in political science. As an intern with us the previous summer, Infiniti had already proven she’s got the people skills, the curiosity, and determination we value in our team. We also loved the fact that Infiniti is a basketball player — played right through college as a guard at Holy Cross. When Infiniti shared with us why she wanted to work for Navint, we were able to draw a few correlations to an elite athlete’s thinking.

Teamwork: Team players like Infiniti understand that everyone brings value to a project by contributing their individual skills to achieve a common goal. Not surprisingly, Infiniti tells us that this sense of teamwork at Navint is her favorite part of the job. “I just fell in love with the team here. I am learning so much from the more experienced consultants. It’s a small, close-knit group that really works well together.”

Opportunity: Recognizing the talents of our team members and putting them in the right places to succeed and grow is part of the Navint culture, and Infiniti values the opportunities she sees here. “I am learning so much about different aspects of business and about applications like Salesforce. I think this can only help me in the long run. If I stay on the consulting side of the business, or move into marketing for example, the base I’m building now will be really helpful. It’s like I’m laying stepping stones for the rest of career — wherever that takes me.” 

One-on-one: Working as part of our consulting team sometimes means working one-on-one with another consultant. Infiniti says that is one of the reasons she was drawn to the company. “I went to a small college where I was fortunate to get one-on-one time with my professors and coaches, and I think I learn better in that environment. At Navint I get a lot of time with the more senior consultants, which helps me learn a lot faster. At a larger firm I don’t think I’d get that opportunity.”

Coaching: Being coachable is one of life’s most important skills and attitudes, whether or not you’re an athlete. Infiniti is showing us that this is a skill she’s mastered — on and off the court. “Right now, I really just have my ears open as much as I can, because the consultants I’m working with are giving me so much useful advice and coaching. I think sometimes when you’re young, you get really impatient and want everything right now, but they’ve been really patient and have helped me understand that being good in business is something that you build on over many years, just like being good at basketball.”

Hard Work: Ultimately, Navint is here to do good work, and Infiniti was ready to be part of a culture that values and rewards hard work and dedication. “I want to be part of a team that is working hard, setting trends, and making a difference. It says something significant that Navint was named one of The Best and Brightest Companies to Work for multiple times, and I’m really happy to be a part of the company.”

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