A History of “Client First”

Navint has a long and well-documented history of helping executive leaders achieve true business transformation through the calibrated alignment of people and processes with technology.

In 1995, four of the original five Navint partners (as well as many current employees) worked collaboratively as SiGMA Consulting. During this formative period, Navint began to develop the core principles that would ultimately define our firm: discipline, creativity in solving complex business problems, and an unwavering “client-first” attitude.

From the beginning, we worked diligently to forge exceptionally deep relationships with our clients – a roster that included many of the same clients we serve today. Our “client first” discipline has produced a long list of client success spanning over fifteen years and continues to differentiate us as a leader in today’s crowded business and technology consulting marketplace.

Since the mid-nineties, our organization has been known by a few different names. Our people and our work have remained true to our core commitment of helping our clients navigate business challenges through economic and technological booms and busts, and we’re proud that the original partners of Navint have been together since the 1990’s, and when supplemented by a group of top-tier experienced consultants, the result is a dangerous team that takes the success of our clients very seriously, and even personally.

The business and technology worlds have evolved considerably since our days as SiGMA, but our core values and commitment to excellence on behalf of our clients remains the same.