Technology & Implementation

Unite the front and back office with software solutions that optimize the enterprise

One of the most critical issues facing businesses today is the need to formulate a cohesive lead-to-revenue strategy.

However, the blurring line between the front and back office has created numerous functional and technical overlaps which have proved difficult, time-consuming and costly for many organizations to navigate.

At Navint, our technology services focus on two main components: creation of a future-state enterprise architecture that unites the front and back office and enables a comprehensive lead-to-revenue strategy; and identification and implementation of the optimum software solutions across the lead-to-revenue lifecycle, including CRM, CPQ, CLM, Billing and ERP.

Connected Technology - Connected Process

What was once a linear, siloed process is now dynamic, with overlapping systems and process that need to react and adjust to events in real-time.

But full lead-to-revenue requires many supporting tools and processes and competitors have overlapping capabilities required for full lead-to-revenue.

Our Process

We meet our clients wherever they are in their lead-to-revenue transformation journey, to:

Partners & Platforms

We have a proven record of success deploying enterprise systems from major software vendors across the entire lead-to-revenue ecosystem. Our process begins by assessing our clients’ foundational elements of CRM and ERP, as well as their existing systems such as Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, NetSuite and PeopleSoft. We then leverage our deep advisory and technology expertise to determine how various vendor modules and ancillary applications can be integrated within the full lead-to-revenue technology stack to enable maximum efficiency and effectiveness.


Rethinking CPQ in the age of recurring revenue

Jitterbit and Navint Partner for Simple, Flexible CPQ and Billing Solution

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