Technology implementations are inherently risky. One wrong move could jeopardize your organization’s ability to deploy an integrated suite of technology capable of delivering a superior level of customer satisfaction.

Navint Technology Deployment & Integration mitigates the risks associated with failed or poor technology implementations. We have a proven track record in securing client success through the implementation and deployment of enterprise systems from major software vendors, both on premises and in the cloud (SaaS). Focusing on technologies that cut across the value chain such as SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, and MS-Dynamics, we understand the overall Enterprise Architecture and deploy application functionality to meet business requirements.

Navint’s robust PMO, Transformation and IT Architecture methodologies are grounded in serving your organization’s unique business requirements, resulting in a deployment that is tailored to accommodate your critical business requirements as well as the demands of your IT environment.

Our Technology Deployment & Integration processes encompass gap-analysis between current state and proposed blueprint, training (within the software and affected processes beyond the software), change management, and the maintenance of executive and business sponsorship for the duration of the engagement.

Navint’s experience with enterprise system/ERP implementations has equipped us with the expertise to minimize the disruptions and encourage fluidity during Technology Deployment & Integration. Senior-level consultants will remain on-site for the duration of the project to ensure clear communication between internal and external stakeholders, and to address key concerns involving cost containment, scope management and benefit realization.

Contact us to discover how Navint Technology Deployment & Integration can serve as a consistent and experienced project advocate for the implementation of essential technologies in your organization.