Subscription Revenue – Workshop Offering

Across many industries, clients have a growing need to adapt their business to provide more adaptable subscription and consumption based products and services without introducing increased operational costs and risk.

Subscription and usage models introduce new complexities to the business across a range of connected areas, including product catalog innovation, new operating practices, and new demands placed on enterprise technologies.

Navint has a long history in guiding major enterprise transformation programs, and has found itself in a unique position to bring an enterprise-grade approach to the very specific and emerging challenges being faced by growing subscription businesses.

Navint has developed its subscription practice area and invested in a repeatable planning, design, and delivery framework that is tailored exclusively to navigate new challenges of building and operating a subscription business.

About the Workshop:

Navint offers one and two-day workshops to provide potential clients with a window into Navint’s subscription management framework as applied directly to their own specific business goals, issues, and situation.
This is a highly interactive workshop with a focus on structured two -way dialogs between Navint and the senior members of the client team. While we cannot boil the ocean in one or two days, the workshop is specifically tailored to make use of Navint’s framework so that clients can gain a 360 degree insight into what it takes to succeed and define programs and critical decision pathways that will support their subscription business objectives.

Workshop Approach:

Usually Navint develops a Questionnaire and provides Pre-read materials ahead of workshop to increase value from time together.

Workshop Scope

About the Challenge:
What’s happening in the market? What’s different about this challenge? Can anything in the organization remain status-quo? What will it take to succeed?

About your Goals and Vision:
What are the goals and vision for the subscription and consumption revenue parts of the business? Why is this important and what are the key drivers to change?

Drill down into business model design:
How do you connect the Customer to Product, CPQ, Order, Invoice and Revenue Recognition? What are the innovative frameworks and models that you should consider? What are the new operating policies and practices to consider?

Drill down into Current State and Future State options:
What have you been doing? How does what you’ve done position the organization for success? Where do you see the possible upside opportunities? What might be the risks and possible downside challenges?

What additional connection points need to be considered? What will drive the greatest success? What are the necessary timelines to transform the business model? Who will take the lead and sponsor this effort? What is the order of magnitude budget that must be prepared?

Workshop Outcomes:

In offering this workshop Navint recognizes that context will drive the focus of findings, however the fundamental recipe for success is common. The overriding objective of this interactive effort is to provide our client with an enhanced view of what it takes to succeed, with navigational steps that apply directly and immediately to their current situation.