In a recurring revenue model, the traditional paradigms of front- and back-office, and the corresponding technologies of CRM and ERP, are strained. Companies struggle to sustain growth, launch new products and services, deal with international complexity, bring new offices online, and manage unique and one-off business processes. This often results in a rush to purchase point solutions, such as CPQ, Billing, or Subscription Management, which exacerbates—rather than fixes—the issues.

At Navint, we help you navigate best-in-breed technologies and business process architectures to fit within your unique organization. We use our decades of experience in ERP and CRM alignment and enterprise architecture design to help you get the most out of your legacy investments, while plotting the path to a healthy future in a subscription world. We help you:

  • Analyze the current state of technology, business processes, and monetization strategies.
  • Define required capabilities, map to existing systems, and identify gaps in functionality.
  • Create a reference architectural design.
  • Identify functional components and critical integrations.
  • Develop a master data framework (data management, data governance, and taxonomy).

Since our inception in 1991, Navint has successfully designed programs and solutions and led complex multi-year, multi-national transformation projects with large and small organizations. We are one of few consulting firms with a fully dedicated subscription and recurring monetization practice that has the know-how and experience to select and fit new billing and revenue enablers, ERP design and implementation plans, and CPQ and CRM integrations into recurring, subscription, and usage-based and hybrid organizations.

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Technology Selection and Implementation Services

Our deep software domain experience, paired with business acumen and thought leadership, provides clients with the capability to define and deliver long-lasting competitive and financial benefits from investments in ERP, Billing, CPQ, CRM, Financials, and related process capabilities. We have a track record of helping our clients achieve step-change improvements that set the foundation for continuous adaptation towards evolving revenue strategies.

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