An important component of operational success is the ability to match the right enterprise technology to your critical business goals.

Our deep software domain experience, paired with business acumen and thought leadership, provides clients with the capability to define and deliver long-lasting competitive and financial benefits from investments in ERP, Billing, CPQ, CRM, Financials, and related process capabilities. We have a track record of helping our clients achieve step-change improvements that set the foundation for continuous adaptation towards evolving revenue strategies.

Our software selection service applies an end-to-end approach to technology selection to ensure that the conclusions you make are deliberate, unbiased, and capable of delivering the best possible outcomes. We employ a robust methodology that considers your employees throughout the change process so that upgrades in technology are accepted, adapted, and ultimately yield greater effectiveness. Our services include:

  • Baseline Assessment
  • Future-State Architecture
  • Vendor Selection
  • Transformation Roadmap
  • Process Optimization
  • Service Scorecards
  • Recurring Monetization
  • Change Management
  • Program Management

Our Approach

Our software vendor selection method evaluates four major dimensions within which specific criteria are used to guide the decision-making process. In parallel with evaluation of vendor capabilities, we engage with internal client functions to clarify and document key integration points and changes to internal systems, both in the existing architecture and in support of long term business goals such as improved digital customer experience and transition to a recurring revenue business models.

As part of our process, we build comprehensive total cost of ownership (TCO) models to help you understand not only the software price, but also the cost of implementation, training of applicable personnel, ongoing support, and changes to internal systems. These costs are provided in realistic terms so that expectations can be set and managed effectively throughout the process.

Upon completion of selection and foundational activities, key project deliverables are developed and communicated to convey the business case, vendor selection, overall implementation plans, and expected impact and participation levels for groups across the organization.

Software Selection Methodology

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