Technology implementations are inherently risky. One wrong move could jeopardize the investment and set your business back in a significant way. Yet many companies rush to purchase and implement point solutions—CRM, ERP, CPQ, Billing, etc.—without addressing the strategic, process, and operational changes needed to run a successful, recurring revenue business.

At Navint, we mitigate the risks associated with failed or poor technology implementations. We bring decades of experience managing the activities that are required to transform the business operations and implement new solution architectures in alignment with the Continuous Customer™.

We have a proven track record in securing client success through the implementation and deployment of enterprise systems from major software vendors, both on premises and in the cloud (SaaS). Focusing on technologies that cut across the value chain such as SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, NetSuite, PeopleSoft, and MS-Dynamics, we understand the overall enterprise architecture and deploy application functionality to meet business requirements. Our expertise in recurring revenue businesses ensures your selection and implementation of point solutions such as subscription management, CPQ, and billing are successful.

Proven Methodology

Our methodologies are grounded in serving your organization’s unique business requirements, resulting in a deployment that is tailored to accommodate your needs, as well as the demands of your IT environment.

Executive Expertise

Senior-level consultants remain on-site for the duration of the project to ensure clear communication between internal and external stakeholders and to address key concerns involving cost containment, scope management, and benefit realization.

Project Management

Our project managers are experts in leveraging our battle-tested and pragmatic playbooks that deliver a step-wise approach to implementation. They ensure full transparency and accountability to the plans and milestones that are manageable, transparent, and predictable.

Change Management

From start to finish, senior-level Navint consultants are your committed partners in the change process. We use our deep playbook and proprietary methodology to provide assurances that the change management process is on track and minimizing the potential for delays that can affect the timely achievement of targeted business objectives.

Deploy/Go-Live Support

Navint helps clients with the final deploy and go-live, after thoroughly managing and tracking the pilot, tests, data migration/integration and fixes, customizations, and other pre-deployment phases. We then turn our focus onto user instruction, user documentation, and training with the entire user community. The team finalizes the “cutover” plan of activities and revises, as needed, to minimize disruptions to the operation.

Flexibility and long-term support

To accommodate the unique needs of each phase of a transformation, we customize our on-the-ground teams according to size, intensity, seniority, and duration of support until the desired results are achieved.

Deliver Business Performance Improvements

Navint ensures that the team remains focused on driving business process improvement throughout the implementation. It’s improvement of the business performance that is driving the system implementation project, not implementing a new system for a sake of a new system.

Software Selection Methodology

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