Navint is your partner in ensuring recurring revenue success. We can help you design lead to revenue processes that incorporate Salesforce, Salesforce CPQ & Billing, and Salesforce platform solutions across marketing, sales, customer success, and finance.

We are the only firm with deep domain expertise on the intricacies of starting, transitioning to, running, and scaling recurring revenue businesses. We understand the people needs, process changes, and technologies that encompass a frictionless recurring revenue operation. Our history of deep CRM and ERP expertise combined with expert level understanding of recurring revenue solutions ensures your business is optimized for driving recurring revenue growth.

Our team of Salesforce-certified CPQ, Admin, and Sales Cloud consultants are the best in the business and will ensure that your lead to revenue process provides your business with optimized results. We have also built critical partnerships that give us the functional skills and global reach to quickly and easily assemble a project team that best suits your needs and business requirements.

Our proven methodology allows us to work with you regardless of your maturity with the Salesforce platform. Whether you’re currently evaluating solutions, contemplating architectural design, implementation ready, looking to course correct a current project, or looking for maintenance/continuous improvement, Navint can help you navigate your Salesforce journey.

Our services include:

Recurring Revenue Assessment: Let our team of experts guide you through the lead to revenue pathway of recurring revenue businesses using the Navint Continuous Customer™ Framework.

Recurring Revenue Architectural Reviews: Navint will review existing processes and solutions and make recommendations on areas of improvement.

Recurring Revenue Technology Vendor Selection: Navint will help plan your long-term technology strategy with Salesforce as the technology anchor.

Salesforce Recurring Revenue Implementation Services: Our team of experts will help you determine how to make Salesforce the center of your recurring revenue operations.

Salesforce CPQ Implementation Services: Empower sales with smarter quoting, streamlined pricing, and support for the entire contract lifecycle.

Salesforce Billing Implementation Services: Unify sales and finance and optimize the hand-off to your financial application.

Accounts Receivable Solution Mapping: Optimize billing, invoice presentation, payments, and collections across Salesforce and your financial application.

Salesforce to ERP Integration Services: Optimize both Salesforce and your ERP for your specific lead to renewal pathway.

Data Cleansing and Migration: Migrate from legacy solutions to Salesforce CPQ & Billing.

Salesforce CPQ & Billing Health Check: Let our team of experts complete a check-up on your use of Salesforce CPQ & Billing.

Contact Us if you’re ready to take your business to the next level and optimize your lead to revenue process.