“Save the sale,” goes the conventional retailer strategy. In no time in retail history has this saying been more important, and more achievable, than it is today.

The retail environment is undergoing unprecedented change as advances in mobile and other technologies enable more pricing transparency and ubiquitous product selections. To compete in this new competitive reality, retailers need to take service to the next level – making it as easy as possible for customers to get exactly what they want, but also when and how they want it. They’re demanding a completely seamless shopping experience across all of your shopping outlets, regardless of how you’ve structured your retail and e-commerce supply chains.

Practically speaking, however, many retailers have found that delivering a true “omni-channel” brand experience is much more difficult than it initially seems. Whether you’re endeavoring to create the “endless aisle”, allow product returns anywhere, or one of a hundred other omni-channel permutations, full realization can be difficult; potentially involving changes to your company’s structure, partner agreements, incentives, cross-channel pricing & promotions, processes, data, systems, accounting practices, and more. It’s enough to make your head hurt. Where to even start?

At Navint, we know that the path to developing true omni-channel capabilities can be delivered in manageable, cost-justified pieces. Our senior-level consultants have a proven ability to translate high-level business goals into manageable steps. Leveraging 20+ years of industry expertise, strategy, technology, and change management engagements, Navint brings a pragmatic perspective to the omni-channel retail equation, helping you deliver measurable results at each step of the way.

Don’t let the journey to omni-channel intimidate, contact us to learn how Navint can help your business discover the path to delivering the best of retail and e-commerce into a single, delighted customer experience.