Successful businesses have always known the importance of repeat and returning customers: the best customer is the one we already have. This has not changed and is not new. What has changed is the digital nature of the new customer experience.

We must now participate in a more fluid, continuous, and connected relationship with customers—a Continuous Customer™ Journey. Our goal is for customers to continuously engage, buy, consume, and stay with us without churning. We need our processes and systems to enable the first-time buying experience, and then to provide upgrades, add-ons, and renewals, with a superior customer experience and without internal operational friction.

We help our clients align their strategies, products, operating processes, and technologies to the Continuous Customer lifecycle to drive growth in recurring revenue businesses. Our design approach addresses the iterative lifecycle of the subscription sale, retention, upgrade, and add-ons for digital services and for hybrid digital and physical goods. We focus on the design and implementation of operational methods, including the product catalog, to reduce friction across sales booking, service delivery, customer success, and client support functions. We walk our clients through our proven CRUAT™ Methodology to proactively shape technology efforts to reduce friction with customers.

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Continuous Customer Revenue Model

The CRUAT Methodology

The number one challenge in a continuous revenue business is the need to iteratively change customer arrangements. Without fail, transactional processes and systems will struggle to maintain persistence. As a result, the customer lifecycle events become unreliable, costly and opaque.

CRUAT refers to the five types of transactions in a recurring revenue model:

  • “Create” for the initial sale
  • “Renew” for extending the subscription
  • “Upgrade” for upgrading
  • “Add-on” for adding complementary products or services
  • “Terminate” for the potential salvage point of keeping a customer just before he or she cancels

We use our CRUAT framework to ensure completeness of the customer monetization pathway and use case development to drive connected processes and component integrations. Our best practice product catalog design enables frictionless changes to the customer relationship over time. Lifecycle success means your systems connect to sell, serve, and monetize with persistent subscription relationships.

CRUAT Methodology

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