Effective Program or Project Management creates added value by first identifying all relevant pain points, targeting organizational improvement in a realistic way and patiently managing sophisticated, large-scale implementations.

With more than a hundred successful program and project implementations over the past 15+ years, Navint understands the challenges of Project Lifecycle Management. More importantly, our depth of experience has armed us with the insights and expertise to identify pitfalls and pain points before they occur, ensuring the seamless implementation of programs and projects that drive growth for our clients.

Navint’s ability to perform project turnarounds is well documented, offering your senior management the assurance of a committed partner who is capable of rescuing projects that have gone off course. Our highly agile company culture gives us the ability to quickly assess project assets and risks, and determine the critical factors that are necessary to bring your project back on track – and back on budget.

Whether you need program managers, functional leadership or other tactical support, Navint is the logical choice for responsive and experienced program or project management services.

Contact us to find out how Navint can deliver additional value to programs and projects within your organization.