“Never waste a good crisis,” the saying goes. When your company has an unplanned CFO, COO, CIO, or other Executive departure, it can create a great amount of discomfort and angst. In some cases, companies rush to replace the position, sometimes overlooking the opportunity or worse yet, sacrificing quality in the interest of speed – effectively wasting the crisis.

At Navint, we think about these events slightly differently. Rather than rushing to fill the vacancy, a well-placed Interim Executive will not only allow you to “keep the lights on” with regard to in-flight programs, organizational performance, and company culture, but also give you the opportunity to drive change.

And driving change is what a well-leveraged Interim Executive should be asked to do, and as s/he is not making a career there, they have a distinct advantage in this regard. Interim Executives can do what needs to be done, even if the projects are unpopular for whatever reason. Whether they are finishing off unglamorous projects, taking on a much-needed organization redesign, or killing off projects that don’t support the business strategy or will not return a positive ROI in an acceptable period of time – they’re all fair game.

Given the industry background or our consultants as well as direct Interim Executive experience, Navint is well suited to be your partner. Whether a restructuring event or simply a desire not to leave a critical business function “headless” until successfully finding a full-time replacement, utilizing the services of an Interim Executive can provide many advantages.

Our Interim Executives serve as senior advisers and act as catalysts identifying and overcome potential roadblocks to achieving desired results faster. If you’re embarking on a business transformation initiative but lack the seasoned professional who knows the questions to ask, recognizes critical challenges, works collaboratively to reduce conflicts, then call Navint Partners to learn more about our Interim Executive practice.

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