Any time your company undergoes a major change event such as a new acquisition or major organic growth initiative, a variety of activities will need to be coordinated to accomplish desired, top-level business objectives. These projects will cross departments, involve different (and many of the same) people, and have varying levels of financial commitment in order to be successful. The challenge becomes one of efficient program/change management and execution.

The Navint Program Management Office is a light-footprint consulting team that leverages a battle-tested and pragmatic playbook for a rapid deployment of this critical function. We teach your internal staff this playbook, such that the program management leadership can be transitioned back to you as soon as practicable.

Our Program Management Office’s main objective is to make sure that your company’s people, money, and time are being allocated to programs and projects that align with strategic objectives. It also serves as a consistent, transparent, and impartial mechanism to receive, evaluate, and score new proposed project work; centralizes assignment of project management resources; and ensures consistent project execution via a standard delivery methodology. Our team makes certain that:

Program Management Office

  • Identified projects support the stated goal
  • The right projects are appropriately staffed and resourced
  • The right people are in place to be successful
  • Projects are being delivered in a consistent and successful way
  • The right budgets are established
  • “One source of truth” is defined and maintained for executive review and oversight
  • Program changes are appropriately managed

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Change Management Leadership

Change is inevitable. It happens whether your organization is prepared for it or not. But managing change is a different story. There is both art and science to successfully guiding large, complex enterprises through the dynamics of the change process, from staff and client loyalty of the status quo, to a complete commitment, to new operational processes.

Navint understands the intricacies of change in enterprises where rapid adoption and total buy-in are non-negotiable business priorities. We have honed a real, documented approach to manage companies through change, which allows us to quickly identify and remediate process gaps, anticipating problems before they disrupt operations.

Our Change Management Leadership leverages an array of tools to facilitate change in your organization, including:

  • Change planning
  • Communications
  • Benefits realization
  • Training
  • SME management
  • Business stakeholder management
  • Project team member incentive programs
  • Steering committee management

From start to finish, senior-level Navint consultants are your committed partners in the change process, utilizing a deep playbook and proprietary methodology to provide assurances that the change management process is on track and minimizing the potential for delays that can affect the timely achievement of targeted business objectives.

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