The process optimization principles that have been the foundation of our item-based economy are being disrupted by digital transformation and the shift to recurring revenue business models. Customers are buying the entire experience of how we sell, serve, and monetize. We can no longer compartmentalize our processes into “front office” and “back office,” since every piece of our business is now customer-facing; we refer to this phenomenon as the Continuous Customer™. Your business must have processes and optimization strategies to address this new reality.

Effective processes are catalysts for operational success. We help our clients align their strategies, products, operating processes, and technologies to the Continuous Customer lifecycle to drive growth in recurring revenue businesses. Whether the issue is improving operational speed, reducing operational costs, or eliminating flaws in operational processes, our skills and depth of expertise bring a thorough and informed approach to process optimization in your organization.

In all our process optimization projects, we review current state processes, compare process opportunities against best practices, and assess regulatory and customer requirements. This review clarifies future-state processes, as well as the technological and organizational implications of those processes on your business. While proper process design spans the entire lead-to-renewal process, a few prominent areas of focus are the following:

Sales and Customer Success Operations: Specific focus on the design and implementation of operational methods to drive new sales, customer retention, and expansion revenues. Streamline connections across sales booking, service delivery, customer success, and client support functions.

Finance Function Optimization: Alignment and adaptation of business functions and processes for finance and accounting within a recurring revenue operation. Identification of measurable objectives and execution of multi-disciplinary steps to make change happen.

Billing Optimization Planning: Holistic examination of the billing challenges across operations processes, product catalog, technology, and integrations. Align and solution to the target-state billing methods necessary to run and grow the business.

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