The shift to recurring revenue business models and digital goods has fundamentally changed how we design and optimize our processes and, accordingly, our people. We now live in a world of the Continuous Customer™. Customers are always on, interacting with every facet of your business—quote, contract, fulfillment, provisioning, billing, and payment processing—with increasing velocity.

Effective processes are catalysts for operational success. Once in place, supporting these processes becomes important for an organization. Every employee is now customer-facing, and more traditional strategies for departmental organization are being updated to reflect this new reality.

At Navint, we help our clients design organizations that support their new operating processes for the Continuous Customer lifecycle to drive growth in recurring revenue businesses. This includes assisting with the following:

  • Job design, including job roles and descriptions, skills, and competency assessments
  • Incentive design, both financial and non-financial, to support the organizational goals
  • Transition planning and training
  • Insourcing and outsourcing strategies, including defining KPIs
  • Continuous improvement strategies

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Change Management Methodology

Ask an executive who has just come through a major transformation event, “What was the most difficult part of the transformation effort?” Nine times out of ten, you’ll hear the same answer: “Change Management.”

While this concept is not new, companies that undertake major transformative initiatives still spend a disproportionate amount of time on automation technology vs. transforming people and processes. The fact is that, despite willingness and intentions, transformation is hard, if not impossible, without both a vision and a pragmatic, organized approach to actually change the behavior of the organization to move it forward. Successfully guiding large, complex enterprises through the dynamics of the change process is both an art and a science.

Going all the way back to our ERP days, Navint has always understood the intricacies of change in enterprises where rapid adoption and total buy-in are non-negotiable business priorities. We have honed a real, documented approach to manage companies through change, which allows us to quickly identify and remediate process gaps, anticipating problems before they disrupt operations.

Our Change Management Leadership leverages an array of tools to facilitate change in your organization, including:

  • Change planning
  • Communications
  • Benefits realization
  • Training
  • SME management
  • Business stakeholder management
  • Project team member incentive programs
  • Steering committee management

From start to finish, senior-level Navint consultants are your committed partners in the change process. We use a deep playbook and proprietary methodology to provide assurances that the change management process is on track and minimizing the potential for delays that can affect the timely achievement of targeted business objectives.

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