Mobile Strategy Implementation
At this point, most CIOs understand that mobile technology is a disruptive force that is here to stay. The question is not whether to embrace mobile computing, but rather how?
Unfortunately, the promise of mobile technology is still under-emphasized in many organizations today. Many companies are taking a scatter-shot approach to mobile, simply working to get “out there” as opposed to taking a more comprehensive look at the underlying opportunities that true mobile engagement can bring. At Navint, we see mobile technology as a catalyst for changing targeted business processes to more effectively engage with your end customers, trading partners, and employees.

Navint takes a very pragmatic approach to identifying and implementing opportunities that fit within your companies budget, risk tolerance, and ability to change. Navint will assist with the upfront mobile strategy, but also with execution – from developing new processes, developing appropriate change management approaches to ensure the success of the new strategy, marketing advisory, to managing the end-to-end software lifecycle process.

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