A More Modern, Expansive and Connected Approach to ERP

Operational processes and technology have always been and will continue to be an essential enabler of customer experience and business success. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) remains core to this. However new business models and customer expectations demand a modern, more expansive, and connected approach to ERP.

We know the complexities of multi-national accounting, supply chain, human capital management, business intelligence and new customer buying patterns create incredible friction across enterprises. We know that ERP implementation failures are most often rooted in operational design, organizational design, data complexity and misunderstanding of how new, customer-centered business models impact operations and technology across the organization. And, we know that most companies are too busy keeping the wheels chugging through all this friction to design their way to more streamlined and frictionless operations.

At Navint, we bring a modern approach to delivering ERP and business transformation. One that connects more deeply across the enterprise into the CPQ, CLM and billing technologies and processes that span the entire lead-to-renewal lifecycle. Bringing better experiences and more value to our clients.

Our ERP Services include:

  • ERP Selection
  • Program Management
  • Business Process Redesign
  • Develop Management
  • Organizational Change Management (OCM)
  • Training
  • Governance & Controls
  • In-Flight Program Health Assessment
  • Systems Integrator Selection
  • Third-party Vendor Management
  • Testing
  • Deployment Management
  • Data Migration

Our Approach