We don’t just implement. We advise.

Navint offers a range of advisory, assessment and program offerings to help clients develop modern, connected lead-to-revenue operations.

For 3 decades, Navint has brought operational excellence to enterprise clients by connecting and implementing business-first strategies, processes and technologies. We are fluent in sales, finance, delivery and services operations. We have a deep understanding of revenue and monetization models in today’s digitally-enabled, customer-centric buying environments. And, we understand the connected value of every major ERP, CPQ, CLM and billing technology across the entire lead to revenue life-cycle.

  • Continuous Customer Optimization
  • Recurring Revenue Acceleration
  • Go-To-Market & Operations Fit
  • Change & Transformation Planning
  • Product, Price & Packaging
  • Architecture & Vendor Selection
  • Merger and Acquisition Integration

Continuous Customer Optimization: To help our clients transform their lead-to-revenue processes and technologies we analyze current and future business strategies, customers, products, operating processes, and technologies. We utilize a six-point health check of the customer value cycle; and offer a roadmap for success with the Continuous Customer™ in mind.

Recurring Revenue Acceleration: We align strategies, products, operating processes, and technologies to drive growth in recurring revenue businesses. Our design approach addresses the iterative lifecycle of the subscription sale, retention, upgrade, and add-ons for digital services and for hybrid digital and physical goods. We focus on the design and implementation of operational methods, including the product catalog, to reduce friction across sales booking, service delivery, customer success, and client support functions. And, we use our proven CRUAT™ Methodology to proactively shape technology efforts to reduce friction with customers.

Go-To-Market and Operations Fit: Effective selling can’t happen without effective operations. In all our lead-to-revenue optimization projects, we review current state processes, compare process opportunities against best practices, and assess regulatory and customer requirements to ensure operations meet sales. We focus on: Sales and Customer Success Operations, Finance Function Optimization, Billing Optimization Planning, Organizational Design, and External Spend Reduction.

Change and Transformation Planning: Transitioning to digital services, acquiring new companies, and shifting to recurring revenue business models is complex. We understand the intricacies of change in enterprises where rapid adoption and total buy-in are non-negotiable. We have a programmatic approach to stewarding companies through lead-to-revenue transformation.

Product, Price and Packaging: Agility is incumbent in recurring revenue models. Product, price and packaging must be dynamic to meet customer needs with offers that are timely, suitable, and frictionless for customers. Navint’s proprietary product catalog playbook ensures that systems investments are effectively designed and implemented. We align process design with the product catalog to reduce SKU proliferation and create a frictionless selling methodology that is connected across the customer lifecycle and business operations.

“We’ve helped customers enable dynamic packaging and reduce their catalogs by up to 80% – reducing downstream issues with billing, invoicing, and revenue recognition.”

Architecture & Vendor Selection: Decades of experience in ERP and CRM alignment and architecture help our clients leverage legacy investments, while plotting future lead-to-revenue transformation. We navigate the full landscape of technologies and business process architectures to help clients:

– Analyze current state technology, business processes, and monetization strategies.
– Define required capabilities, map to existing systems, and identify gaps in functionality.
– Create reference architecture design.
– Identify functional components and critical integrations.
– Develop a master data framework (data management, data governance, and taxonomy).

Our selection service applies an end-to-end approach ensuring that choices are deliberate, unbiased, and deliver lasting competitive and financial benefits from investments in ERP, Billing, CPQ, CRM, Financials, and related process capabilities. We build total cost of ownership (TCO) models along with business case, vendor selection, implementation plans, and role and responsibility overviews for groups across the organization.

Our Selection Services Include: Baseline Assessment, Future-State Architecture, Vendor Selection, Transformation Roadmap, Process Optimization, Service Scorecards, Recurring Monetization, Change Management & Program Management.

Merger & Acquisition Integration: Successfully integrating a portfolio of businesses relies on deep understanding of complex customer journeys, reference architecture and operations integration. We evaluate current state operations, product catalog, system architecture, and customer expectations across acquired entities and deliver an integration playbook outlining reference architecture, an integrated view of recurring revenue methods, and a roadmap for bringing businesses into the fold.

“Within a year, we acquired ten complementary companies to supplement our flagship offering and extend our product footprint. We needed to avoid mistakes we had seen before—fragmented systems, explosion of SKUs, and failure to meet cross and up-sell expectations. We had multiple systems with no comprehensive view into our customer base, product performance, or finances. We were mired in day-to-day, post-acquisition stopgap measures to run the business. The Navint team helped develop and implement a unique reference architecture that transformed our existing business and eased the way for future acquisitions.”

Current Navint Client, CFO