Navint Launches NavintNow to Support Subscription Business Models

As a leading provider of consulting services to companies with Subscription Business Models (SBMs,) Navint has launched NavintNow. NavintNow is a series of four discrete service offerings designed to guide subscription-based businesses through a profitable evolution.

Chicago, IL — September 01, 2016 — Navint  Partners LLC is pleased to introduce NavintNow, a series of new service offerings specifically geared towards companies that employ Subscription Business Models.

The race to capture subscription revenue is on! As companies with recurring revenue are rewarded with valuations multiple times over traditional models, businesses are rushing to create offerings that drive predictable revenue. However, this haste to get to market has resulted in numerous operational issues for companies that attempt to apply traditional process and ERP-centric methodology to more complex revenue models.


“Developing a series of service offerings specific to subscription-based businesses was an idea born out of necessity with our clients,” said Steve Terry, Director – Los Angeles. Mr. Terry added, “Companies that employ recurring-revenue business models are wrought with certain complexities that, if left unchecked, will inhibit efficient scalability.”

Navint has created four initial service offerings, each one enabling organizations to invest the appropriate amount of time and money based on their subscription lifecycle maturity. These offerings include high-value executive workshops, rapid technology selection, access to subscription business models best-practice playbooks and methodologies, and fractional on-going professional support. The subscription business models focus is coupled with a long history of planning and implementing global transformations that optimize operating models and maximize invested returns.

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