Navint and Aria Systems Launch Partnership to Transform Subscription Services

Navint Partners adds Aria Systems, a market-leading provider of cloud-based recurring revenue management solutions, to its portfolio of Technology Partners and expands its subscription services and monetization business strategy, process optimization and technology service offerings to clients across a range of industry segments.

Boston, MA – November 24, 2015 – Navint Partners, LLC today announced the recent partnering agreement with Aria Systems through which Navint will expand its consulting service offering in the areas of subscription and consumption based monetization with increased emphasis on business strategy, process optimization and technology deployment to support Lead to Cash operations for its clients.

“We continue to see a significant shift to SaaS and Cloud based software and Navint is working aggressively with many companies to assist them in developing their strategies for managing these new capabilities as part of their overall new enterprise architecture,” said Jim Martindale, CEO of Navint Partners.

Navint has years of experience and knowledge across a range of enterprise software capabilities including ERP and CRM solutions. These solution areas are often the most important technologies enabling a company to deliver the desired customer experience, selling products and services and then bill and collect the revenue. Navint works with clients to identify the most appropriate strategy on how to manage these new solutions to work in concert with existing ERP and CRM systems. By expanding its technology portfolio to include Aria Systems, Navint is better positioned to support customers to tackle the merging challenges around subscription billing, usage models and revenue recognition.

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“Turbo-charging our clients ability to extend their existing enterprise architecture, or executing the IT transformation is a major focus”, commented Martindale when asked to expand on Navint’s role with clients. “This new partnership with Aria Systems brings our clients new solution options to consider.”


Navint, serving the Fortune 1000 enterprise business market, is well positioned through this partnership and expanding service offering to support customers worldwide. Martindale added, “Navint expects continued growth in 2016 and through this technology partnership will continue to assist our clients in transforming their business models to provide new ways to monetize for products and services and to achieve meaningful improvements in the client’s revenue recognition and billing optimization efforts.”

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