Navint, in conjunction with MGI Research, is pleased to present “Anatomy of a Successful Subscription Business”, which defines ten key pillars that underpin a successful subscription business. 

Chicago, IL — August 22, 2016— Navint Partners, LLC is pleased to present a new original whitepaper series, in conjunction with MGI Research, focused on Subscription Business Models (SBMs.) As a leading consulting services provider in the space, Navint will provide fresh monthly insights on SBMs that are designed to provide guidance and information for companies looking to better understand and capitalize on this evolving business trend.

Subscription Business Models hold a lot of promise. Customers find the concept digestible. Investors love the predictable revenue streams and companies see SBMs as a way to gain agility in business. For start-ups, an offering priced as a subscription serves as a proven method of customer acquisition. New companies often build their brand equity using the subscription model customer interaction as part of their whole product experience. Established companies look to subscriptions as means of reaching into new markets and serving new classes of customers. But what defines success of a subscription business? What are the key elements that define the characteristics of a successful subscription revenue business?

Businesses that succeed with subscription revenue models tend to take a holistic approach defined by ten key elements:

hexagonal shapes fitting together showing anatomy of successful subscription business

For a more detailed description of each component of successful subscription businesses, download the complete whitepaper here:

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