By: Jim Martindale, CEO and Managing Director

As we prepare for the closing of 2017 and the busy holiday season, along with the beginning of a new fiscal year, I wanted to take a few moments to reflect on the great year we’ve had at Navint, and offer a look ahead to 2018.

Subscription and Recurring Monetization Practice Drives Growth in 2017

The seeds we planted over 3 years ago for our Subscription and Recurring Monetization practice took root in 2017. The market success validated our practice and offerings as essential elements in assisting companies in solving challenges they are facing in today’s business climate.

Our clients are some of the fastest-growing companies in the US and span across all industry verticals. While they may appear different, they are all consistent in moving toward new monetization methods and implementing goals and strategies to attract what we call the Continuous Customer™. We have legacy businesses transitioning to the digital age, companies with early successes incorporating more mature operational structures, and new, rising stars; enhancing their product and services offerings while pushing the boundaries of even the most modern technologies.

Navint is working hand-in-hand with our clients through these transformative initiatives as both an extended teammate and a trusted advisor. Our domain experience, expertise, and dedication to their success has resulted in tremendous client growth— both new and existing—in 2017.

As a result, we’ve doubled our revenue year-over-year for our Subscription and Recurring Monetization practice. Eighty-percent of our new hires in 2017 were dedicated to that practice, and our partnerships with solutions providers were strengthened through mutual engagements.

We also focused on increasing our thought leadership in the subscription and recurring monetization space. We launched a new website, invested time and effort in sharing our expertise in white papers, webinars, and blogs, and presented at industry conferences on the Continuous Customer™ journey and the Recurring Revenue Maturity Curve™.

Thank You Employees

2017 was a strong year for Navint throughout all our business practice areas. I want to thank all of our employees for your hard work, dedication, and passion for our client’s success. Our success directly reflects your efforts.

2018 Look Ahead

We’re excited about the growth we had in 2017, and even more excited about our projected growth in 2018. Our experience, understanding, and ability to help navigate client challenges has never been stronger, and the market demand for these services has never been greater.

We are actively looking for future employees with the right mindset, skills, and attitude to join our growing Subscription and Recurring Monetization practice. Many of our clients are leaders in their respective industries, and are continually pushing the conventional boundaries with their innovative products and services. As such, we employ passionate problem-solvers with competencies at the intersection of business and technology.

If you, or someone you know, is contemplating a change and is interested in joining a fast-growing, practice solving, monetization, recurring revenue, and subscription business, please contact us today. We’d love to talk with you.

I wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season, and cheers to 2018.