At Navint, we recognize that learning is a lifelong event. While most Navint employees come to our firm with an existing depth of knowledge in their respective disciplines and industries, we also invest heavily to make sure that our consultants always possess the training and qualifications that are expected of a world-class management and technology consultant.

Training programs vary by individual, and will typically consist of much more than just classroom learning. On at least a semi-annual basis, we review individual training requirements for each employee; aligning individual strengths, desires and career aspirations with overall client demand. Training programs typically will consist of both traditional classroom and virtual training courses, along with more practical “on-the-job”-type exposure. Some examples of traditional training curricula are:

  • Software training: Installing, configuring, and implementing the latest technology enablers
  • Value modeling: understanding and becoming conversant in business case modeling and cost justification
  • Lean/Six Sigma certifications
  • Project/Program Management certifications

We also believe that training needs to be practical, and that many of the skills that an experienced consulting practitioner will need will come from exposure to a growth area, and then just digging in and learning it in a safe environment. Some examples of practical training curricula might be:

  • On-the-job “shadowing”: Whenever practical and in the best interest of our client’s ultimate success, we will place our experienced consultants on engagements that leverages their battle-tested capabilities, yet giving exposure to the desired growth area with other experienced consultants on the team.
  • Presentation skills: Delivering that big presentation effectively takes practice, and Navint’s normal course of action regarding major client presentations is to leverage the concept of the team “dry-run” – a dress rehearsal that allows people to showcase and test their presentation development capabilities, along with practicing public speaking in a less-risky environment.

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