Webinar: Planning your QTC transformation journey

An in-depth look at quote-to-cash transformation and one customer’s successful journey with Salesforce Revenue Cloud

Salesforce Revenue Cloud provides enormous value to organizations seeking to transform their quote-to-cash systems and processes to unite sales and finance, facilitate new and varied monetization strategies and open new revenue streams.  Like any other transformation initiative, QTC modernization requires businesses to work across the enterprise to drive change, adoption and ultimately success.  Consequently, understanding and mapping the enterprise-wide QTC journey at the outset is imperative to deriving the full value that Salesforce Revenue Cloud provides.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The story of one customer’s successful journey to a modern, scalable QTC platform
  • Methods for integrating CPQ & Billing across the front and back office and share
  • Strategies for QTC journey planning, including common dependencies, milestones, and roadblocks encountered along the way transformation
Listen on-demand here.

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