SaaS and data services providers have been at the forefront of transformation towards digital customer relationships, innovative revenue models, and growth. Navint has been there over the last 10 years working with clients across technology, software and data services sectors to guide the process of change from technology vendor to leading SaaS provider in the digital age.

Successful SaaS organizations don’t sell technology anymore. They sell success. Offerings are now made up of all the things needed to succeed; the digital customers experience, attainable education & training, both in-person and digital success coaches, and professional customization services when the scale and complexity makes sense. Navint has built success with SaaS and data services clients, and has built the ability to re-produce that success with strategic direction, product and service catalog design, end-to-end business processes, technologies needed for total digital transformation.

Completing the transformation from licensed software to SaaS subscriptions is a major undertaking that Navint knows well. Beyond that, more and more businesses can now be viewed through the lens of XaaS, leveraging strategies and technologies that have been crafted to enable SaaS transformation in the technology sector. Data companies are crossing the digital chasm to make information and insights available anywhere as a service via cross-platform SaaS solutions. We have seen the emergence of hybridized business models that build on the existing customer base with new continual offerings, recurring revenue models, and digital engagement techniques. The outcomes include improved customer retention, reduced internal friction, scalable operations, and more effective growth strategies built around both legacy and emerging products. Vendors of physical products, both shipped and connected IOT products, are morphing into XaaS enterprises where physical things are just one element of the value provided to the customer in a recurring and continual relationship.

No matter what you call it, and there are many words out there, Navint’s SaaS and data services playbook is a critical element of driving success into digital transformation initiatives, from customer service to product development, from sales to finance and billing.

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