The media and entertainment industry is evolving at a blistering pace. New technology platforms, rapidly changing business models and emerging trends in consumer demand are forcing today’s media and entertainment companies to completely rethink content creation, aggregation, and distribution.

Navint is uniquely positioned to help media companies in TV, radio, digital, print, interactive gaming and other sectors manage change in the context of a constantly shifting business ecosystem.

Navint senior partners are expert Media & Entertainment consultants with the skills and experience to quickly identify the issues that threaten your business, and to position your company to become faster and more efficient – through streamlined ad/affiliate sales processes, enhanced digital offerings, inventory management, or back-office support.

At Navint, we believe balancing people issues with well defined process drives consistent performance improvements. From Change Management Leadership and Project Management to Technology Selection and Deployment, our services are designed to streamline your company’s operations while maintaining alignments with the people and technology you need to compete in today’s media and entertainment environment.

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