This short video shows the business transformation to recurring revenue (and subscriptions) models and the common pitfalls, and how Navint helps businesses grow and thrive in the new reality of the Continuous Customer™.


The way we do business is evolving. The era of one and done transactions is now the era of subscription and recurring revenue services. But this means change in the way you operate.

Gone is the one-time customer, and in their place the continuous customer, the customer who doesn’t just buy a product or service but has an ongoing relationship with every aspect of your business.

Unfortunately, many subscription-based companies find themselves in trouble as they grow. They start to see customer churn, revenue loss, internal conflict, and other symptoms of a broken recurring revenue business. And old, tried and true methods of problem-solving just aren’t working anymore.

But there is a way forward with Navint.

Navint is a consulting firm that specializes in helping businesses of all kinds grow and thrive in a subscription-based world. We identify where you are on the recurring revenue maturity curve, find and diagnose key problems, then help you make essential changes to your people, processes, and technology.

Working together, we’ll create a solution that ensures your business continues to grow efficiently, transform the way your company interacts with the continuous customer, boost customer loyalty, reduce operating costs, and increase long-term revenue.

Ready to make sure your business grows effectively and avoids the common pitfalls of recurring revenue? Contact us today.