Unify Sales & Finance to drive predictable growth for B2B Subscription Businesses

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In today’s chaotic business landscape, success for SaaS focused companies is based on much more than a strong product – innovations in the purchasing experience, usage, payments and service have quickly become essential for both survival, and growth. Launching and optimising subscription and consumption revenue models is now paramount. However, for many SaaS organisations, the disconnect between sales and finance makes doing so incredibly difficult and leads to challenges like:

  • Mismatched or missing revenue figures across different business units
  • Manual and duplicative amendment and renewals processes
  • Contract data inaccurate and stuck in spreadsheets
  • Drawn out process to deliver new products to market.
  • Finance teams spending days chasing down data each month to close the books

Join Salesforce and Navint for this one-hour webinar as we address these challenges and the central role of Quote to Cash Technology in transforming your business for subscription and consumption models.

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