Accelerating Growth & Protecting Margins by Optimizing Lead-to-Revenue

Building Glass Architecture Perspective

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02:00 PM03:00 PM

Organizations today are faced with unpredictable, rapidly-changing market dynamics and customer behaviors, as well as a constant onslaught of new competitors. Business and financial leaders must go on the offensive, seeking new ways to enable agility and adaptability while re-making business models to aggressively capitalize on opportunities. At the same time, they must take a defensive stance to protect the base and effectively do more with less.

Join this webinar to learn how and why organizations are urgently prioritizing lead-to-revenue optimization as an enabler of strategic growth initiatives. Attendees will hear practical advice for architecting their lead-to-revenue processes and technology to achieve:

  • Digital Transformation: Practicality, urgency, and business implications
  • Revenue Preservation: Making adjustments to maintain your customers’ success
  • Unification: Effective approaches to consolidate key systems and processes
  • Maximum return on lead-to-revenue technology investments: CPQ, billing, and collection

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