Finding revenue from current customers in the digital age seems like it should be an easy task, but few enterprises have a complete view of the revenue potential throughout their customer lifecycle. Critical data and revenue factors, such as discounts, renewal dates, and commitments and entitlements, are often locked and hidden in complex customer contracts. This results in missed opportunities to capitalize on the revenue that is ready and waiting to be realized through purchase renewals, price changes, cost pass-throughs, chargebacks, and more.

In this Harvard Business Review publication sponsored by Pramata, Stephen Terry of Navint joins with other industry experts to discuss how to unlock new revenue opportunities from exiting customers in the enterprise. In this white paper you will learn:

  • Why digital age innovators understand that technology alone cannot solve the problem.
  • How enterprise sales, finance, and legal teams can fix gaps in their customer lifecycles that lead to millions in new revenue.
  • Why creating a 360 degree of the enterprise can boost sales capabilities and operational efficiency.

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