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The Lead-to-Revenue Data Loop

Exploring the inextricable link between data, lead-to-revenue operations and organizational agility In the modern business landscape, effective lead-to-revenue (LTR) operations and sound data are inextricably linked.  The ability to embrace new business models, speed time to market and create an enhanced customer experience requires a firm but flexible LTR framework that connects the front, middle […]

Salesforce Revenue Cloud to Netsuite integration

In this short demonstration, George McLaughlin, Navint’s EVP of Client Success, explains the end-to-end transactional flow from opportunity through payment leveraging  Salesforce Revenue Cloud integrated with Netsuite.  Viewers will learn first-hand the value of connecting Salesforce to NetSuite to eliminate redundant data input, lengthy data syncs, and costly errors. View the demo here: Questions? Feel […]

Key Insights: The Role of CPQ in the Success of your Billing Implementation

CPQ is live. Billing is next. Now what? That’s precisely the question we answered in our recent joint webinar with Salesforce, The Role of CPQ in the Success of your Billing Implementation.  In this post, we review the key takeaways from our webinar and explore some of the most common CPQ dependencies associated with a […]

How ready is your business for usage-based billing?

3 recommendations for how B2B organizations can drive revenue and enhance the CX through a consumption billing model Many enterprises are in the process of shifting from a one-time transaction to a recurring revenue model, which commonly includes both subscription and consumption-based models. In the B2C world, companies may be able to navigate this change […]

Navint: A modern lead-to-revenue strategy and solution for today’s continuous customer

In today’s digital world, an “end-to-end solution” is something of a misnomer. Organizations aren’t starting at one point and working towards another—rather, they are rebuilding, integrating and retrofitting legacy systems, tools and processes while adding new capabilities and services. Their growth is not fueled by a single tool or solution, but by an underlying strategy […]

Robyn Anderson, EVP of Advisory for EMEA on helping clients modernize their lead-to-revenue operations

In our previous Q&A with Satch Patel, we discussed the growing need for organizations throughout the UK and EMEA—Europe, Middle East and Africa—to unlock new monetization models, strengthen their go to market strategy and improve operational excellence through a comprehensive lead-to-revenue strategy. Here to talk through this process is Robyn Anderson, EVP of Advisory for […]

Introducing Satch Patel, EVP and General Manager of Navint EMEA

The head of Navint’s newly launched EMEA operations sits down to talk about the need for lead-to-revenue optimization—and why companies should start the transformation journey today. In Europe, as organizations struggle to rethink their go-to-market strategy, product pricing and portfolio in response to COVID-19, the disconnect between the front, middle and back offices has brought […]

Rewriting the M&A Playbook to include a modern lead-to-revenue integration strategy

How organizations can unite revenue operations, fuel growth and strengthen the customer experience through a comprehensive and effective lead-to-revenue solution Acquisition is a long-favored growth strategy for companies across industries. With it often comes the promise of rapid revenue gains, increased customer base, extended product offerings and cost-side synergies. However, as recurring revenue becomes the […]