As a company whose mission is to simplify complex financial transactions, SRS Acquiom wanted to modernize their quoting system and pricing model, leveraging data and digital to improve the speed, accuracy and efficiency of these processes. At the heart of this engagement was the need to capture, analyze and implement a wide range of billing assumptions, special considerations, discounts and exceptions within the CPQ processes and systems—thus allowing SRS Acquiom to reap the benefits of optimization while still maintaining a high degree of flexibility and customization.


SRS Acquiom worked with Navint to create a standardized quoting system and pricing model. The solution allowed the organization to optimize the sales process through baseline automation, product bundling and data capture, while also providing sales representatives with the continued ability to customize quotes.  

Solution components

  • Implement Salesforce CPQ to streamline pricing activities across business units and improve data quality, accuracy and transparency;
  • Leverage automation to set core deal parameters and determine the baseline fee;
  • Enable attribute-based pricing within Salesforce CPQ to calculate core fee components, such as the Escrow fee based on various bank rates and AUM (Assets Under Management);
  • Leverage data and analytics to continuously assess and adjust the pricing structure;
  • Update and redesign the product catalogue; develop several product bundles to drive business logic and optimize pricing;
  • Automate the approval process by defining the review group based on quote parameters;
  • Incorporate a rich annotation system, designed to capture project assumptions, discounts and exceptions.


Through this solution, SRS Acquiom was able to streamline the quoting process and improve transparency throughout the deal lifecycle. Standardization of the baseline quote, as well as improved oversight into special considerations, allowed the organization to develop more precise pricing models. This scalable and data-driven solution tracks key business metrics and performance indicators like account profitability, workforce utilization and expenses to improve pricing accuracy over time.
“Navint took the time to understand our business needs and objectives. The dedicated service team provided flexible and thoughtful solutions that showed they understood our business and our goals. Our organization could not be happier with the outcome.”    – Ben Lane, Director of Business Intelligence

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