PayPal, one of the world’s largest digital payment systems, recognized that its existing contract system was operating as a silo within the Sales organization—which limited visibility from other areas of the business and exacerbated disconnects between the front and back office. In order to serve the needs of the modern contract, PayPal wanted to upgrade and expand its contracting system to address the full contract lifecycle, including request, activation, amendment and renewal/termination.


Oversee the design and worldwide implementation of a comprehensive contracting system to more than 5,000+ users within three years.

Solution components

  • Design and implement an end-to-end contract management process to create synergies between the Sales and Finance functions, reduce costs and streamline operations.
  • Create and deploy a best-in-class technology solution that leverages the Salesforce platform and Sales- Service-Community Cloud, along with Apttus’ CLM and Advanced Approvals solutions.
  • Manage the needs and preferences of various stakeholder groups, including Legal, IT, Quality and Assurance, Accounting, FP&A and Sales.
  • Provide change management and advisory services to help ensure adoption and mastery of the new system across the organization and around the world.


The new system allowed every member of the PayPal organization to submit a contract request and have visibility into every stage of the contracting lifecycle. It also standardized contract approvals, establishing a simplified and streamlined way to monitor compliance within the entire document management process. Finally, our change management and advisory services helped increase user adoption through a comprehensive testing and review cycle, robust worldwide training program and library of on-demand training videos.

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