The world’s leading governance software service provider experienced a period of hyper growth through acquisitions, which created significant challenges in terms of incorporating new lines of business, managing an expanding product catalog and integrating legacy sales and billing platforms within the existing enterprise architecture. As a result, the organization needed to consolidate, integrate and streamline technologies, systems and processes to enable further growth and activate key components of a recurring revenue model.


Create a comprehensive lead-to-revenue strategy that would enable seamless, rapid integration of legacy ERP and CRM platforms within the existing enterprise architecture as well as streamline business processes across the front and back offices.

Solution components

  • Lead-to-Revenue architecture
  • Subscription catalog simplification
  • CPQ & Billing selection & implementation
  • Pricing and packaging design
  • Acquisition integration roadmap
  • Transformation program office
  • Marketo/Salesforce integration
  • Salesforce/NetSuite integration


Navint worked with this organization to create a cross-functional solution that would optimize key phases within the lead-to-revenue lifecycle, including sales and marketing; contract management and renewals; financial implementation; and customer service and case management. Firm but flexible, this platform provides a foundation from which the organization can continue to integrate additional acquisition targets and enable new avenues of growth through a recurring revenue model.

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