Intelligent Medical Objects’ contracting process was largely manual, conducted via email between the Sales and Contracts teams. Compounding matters, the company’s repository of active and legacy contracts was stored in a shared drive, without a clear connection to Salesforce or other customer management platform. The team also lacked visibility into contract changes, especially non-standard language, requiring the contract team to manually locate and review the contract if and when issues arose.


IMO engaged Navint to help streamline and automate the contracting process with Conga Contracts for Salesforce. The team leveraged Conga Quick Start, a proprietary approach developed and designed by Navint to quickly implement the Conga platform.

Solution components

  • Conga Quick Start, a turnkey solution offered by Navint
  • Conga Contracts for Salesforce
  • Conga Orchestrate
  • Conga Composer
  • Conga Templates
  • Conga Sign


Partnering with Navint, IMO leveraged the power of Salesforce and Conga to automate key aspects of the contracting process. As a result, IMO can:
  • Ensure the appropriate contract language for a given deal was included in the contract document;
  • Easily identify and review non-standard language in contracts;
  • Enable the sales team to tailor sales orders without input from the contracts team;
  • Leverage Conga Templates to automate the creation of a sales order
  • Generate a master service agreement for clients; allow the contract team to dynamically merge and generate contract types with limited manual intervention
  • Leverage Conga Sign to ensure the final contract is preserved
  • Create a searchable contract database of all active and legacy contracts and agreement records

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