Call centers have long been a source of friction and frustration for customers and companies alike. However, with the advent of digital channels, including web, mobile and apps, delivering a seamless customer experience has become even more of a challenge. Such was the case for a global financial institution that was struggling to deliver fast, effective customer service via phone, even as customers engaged across a variety of touchpoints.


Create a Salesforce-enabled service platform that processed calls from account holders and incorporated enhanced internal security and functional components.

Solution components

  • Analyzed a custom Salesforce environment for concierge users across multiple 1st and 2nd tier organizations
  • Managed the organization’s Salesforce service cloud implementation and configuration
  • Developed a custom Salesforce environment to drive user adoption for concierge users
  • Configured cardholder accounts, issuer accounts, entitlements, cases, products, assets, credit cards, and purchases
  • Integrated a proprietary cardholder authentication application, as well as installation and interaction with the ClickTools AppExchange application for Customer Surveys


Navint worked with this global financial institution to establish a best-in-class phone platform that delivered faster, more efficient customer service, which ultimately led to greater customer satisfaction. From a business standpoint, the model enhanced internal security measures, as well as the ability to quickly and easily survey customers.

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