ExamSoft, the leading provider of educational assessment technology, wanted to replace their existing CPQ solution to enable product bundling and other customization options—an important growth opportunity for their business. The company also wanted to reduce or eliminate manual processing of routine and low-value tasks, including product selection and proration calculation, both of which created inefficiencies in the sales process and contributed to pricing inaccuracies.


Oversee the implementation of a comprehensive CPQ solution, powered by Salesforce CPQ+, to support new growth opportunities, improve pricing accuracy and offer enhanced levels of customization.

Solution components

  • Configure product bundles in Salesforce CPQ
  • Revise product rules and constraints to improve pricing accuracy
  • Clone bundles in QLE, eliminating the need to reprocess renewals and amendments manually
  • Create amendment and renewal quotes from the original contract
  • Automatically calculate and add value added tax (VAT) based on billing address
  • Enable multi-level approval requests through dynamic advanced approvals
  • Reduce the number of quote documents and addendums through CPQ and Conga Quote


Working with Navint, ExamSoft implemented Salesforce CPQ+, which allowed the company to enable product bundling capabilities and automate key parts of the CPQ process, including price calculations, VAT application and document selection. As a result, quote creation time dropped from 40 minutes to just 5—an 87% decrease. Navint also helped ensure seamless integration of the CPQ+ solution with ExamSoft’s existing Finance and Billing tools and process, creating a connected lead-to-revenue strategy across the front and back office, ensuring their recurring revenue streams are optimized and Finance has the data needed to generate accurate customer invoices.

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