Advisory Services

Helping clients navigate the lead-to-revenue landscape with speed, precision and confidence.

When it comes to Sales and Finance, companies often think in terms of tasks and tools:

How can our organization reduce customer churn? What product will help resolve billing disputes more quickly? Why does our business have reporting inaccuracies? How can our organization manage SKU proliferation?

At Navint we approach these issues differently, working with clients to address their challenges not as isolated events, but as symptoms within the existing lead-to-revenue architecture. Together, we focus on foundational elements of the business to create a comprehensive strategy that unlocks growth and operational efficiency across the front and back office.

Our Services

Our Lead-to-Revenue Approach:

Define strategic and operational  priorities
  • Assess current business needs & differentiators
  • Create roadmap to connect technology and operations with strategic objectives
  • Define target capabilities and evaluate vendor solutions
  • Develop a compelling business case to ensure stakeholder support & adoption
  • Create program budget & timeline
Identify core technology capabilities
  • Assess existing capabilities, overlaps, gaps & silos
  • Identify target architecture and capability framework
  • Align operating practices with technology design and planning
  • Navigate vendor engagement and negotiation
  • Determine the sequencing of transformation
Mobilize for Implementation
  • Prioritize investments across low-medium-high impact
  • Develop an agile program structure to deliver on-time, on-budget and with excellence
  • Prepare change management activity to ensure successful adoption and business results
  • Generate meaningful reporting and analytics
  • Continuous tracking of benefit realization
Unify the lead-to-revenue process
  • Ready technology and process across functions for effective change
  • Provide strategic counsel to effectively manage complexity & ensure necessary collaboration
  • Help prepare the org to collaborate in a manner that enables cooperation between the front & back office

Partners & Platforms

Navint has a documented history of planning, implementing and optimizing technologies across the lead-to-revenue lifecycle. Our strategic advantage lies in our awareness of the market, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of each vendor, platform and solution.

Salesforce Partnership

Navint is a proud, long-time Salesforce implementation partner with a proven track record across their sales cloud, service cloud, revenue, community cloud and CLM platforms. We have experience working with Salesforce to design and implement cohesive and comprehensive lead-to-revenue strategies that include CRM, CPQ, CLM, Billing and ERP.

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Industry Expertise

Every industry—and every organization—is unique. But there are key principles that must be part of every lead-to-revenue strategy: put the customer at the center; create impact today, while driving value for tomorrow; design a solution that unites and optimizes core operations, as opposed to treating superficial symptoms.

Our organization brings decades of sector expertise, as well as strong cross-industry experience, in helping organizations improve resiliency, viability and profitability through a clear and compelling lead-to-revenue strategy and solution.


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At Navint, our strategic advantage lies not just in what we offer as a company, but our awareness of the market and its complexity.