Steve Terry

Stephen Terry

Based in Los Angeles, Stephen has over 25 years of business and technology consulting experience and in the past decade has been dedicated to the development of best practices that address the opportunities and challenges of growth with subscriptions and recurring revenue models. He has developed a dedicated team of professionals equipped with an unrivaled playbook of methods, reference designs, and best practices that are based on real-world delivery experience across SaaS, hi-tech, digital media, consumer goods, and IoT. Prior to Navint, Stephen founded Integrity Project Partners to provide objective consulting services to executives who direct and implement change. He’s also held consulting roles with Accenture, Unisys Corp., Sigma Consulting, Nextera Enterprise and US Interactive. Stephen has a B.A. in Economics from Trinity College, an M.A in Economics from the University of Cambridge, and a Master of Public Policy from the University of Southern California and is an active community volunteer.

Empowering flexibility, efficiency and customer centricity

At Navint, our strategic advantage lies not just in what we offer as a company, but our awareness of the market and its complexity.