A modern lead-to-revenue strategy and solution for today’s continuous customer

At Navint, we think of the lead-to-revenue lifecycle as just that: a cycle.

We approach sales and billing transformation in a fluid way—designing and implementing lead-to-revenue strategies and solutions that are flexible, dynamic and capable of serving the rapidly changing needs of today’s continuous customer.

Who We Are

At Navint, our strategic advantage lies not just in what we offer as a company, but our awareness of the market and its complexity. We possess a deep understanding of global business processes, tools and technologies across every stage of the lifecycle: Sales, Service, Finance and Delivery.

We work with clients across industries in the following capacities:

Business Strategists

We leverage our keen awareness of both common business challenges and market opportunities to help organizations identify and address core issues through a comprehensive lead-to-revenue strategy.​

Independent Technology Advisors

As a platform-agnostic technology service provider, we work with organizations to evaluate and implement the tools and solutions that best serve your business’s unique needs across CRM, CPQ, CLM, Billing and ERP.

Operations Specialists

We help organizations modernize their approach to finance and sales operations and develop a single cohesive, cogent approach that connects CPQ, CLM, Billing and ERP technologies and processes.

Recurring Revenue Experts

We place special emphasis on optimizing recurring revenue models and unifying operations for all monetization strategies across the front and back office.

Transformation Partners

We design and implement lead-to-revenue strategies and solutions that are flexible, dynamic and agile—allowing our clients to improve operations and better serve the rapidly changing needs of their customers.

Value Creators

We view transformation through the lens of customer centricity, ensuring that business operations are connected to lifetime customer value and that each function is enabling the shift to a long-term relationship-driven sales model.

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Our Values

At Navint, we believe that our impact is derived from our team. It is our curiosity, collaboration and grit that drives our organization forward—and our deep and varied experience, our diversity of perspective, that enables us to understand and address our clients’ most pressing challenges. As an organization, we measure success in terms of value—the opportunities we create for our clients, the development of our people and the mark we make on the world around us.

Our Story

1989 – 1999
Company founded as SIGMA Consulting, a firm specializing in Manufacturing Resource Planning
Company expertise expands to include ERP, Finance and Accounting
Launch of Navint Partners. Firm builds new capabilities in back office systems and Media & Entertainment
Navint establishes itself as premier partner for enterprise businesses, offering advisory services across sales, finance, service/delivery operations and technology
Subscription and monetization service offerings are formalized
Navint launches a dedicated recurring revenue practice
CPQ and Billing practice established
Statêra Logo
Acquired Statera, expanding Navint’s implementation capabilities & enabling end-to-end lead-to-revenue services
Navint expands to EMEA, launches integrated delivery model to unlock LTR innovation and speed time to value for clients

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