Month: July 2021

Considering a consumption billing model? 3 Strategies to help B2B companies enhance revenues & CX (Global Banking & Finance Review)

Recurring revenue models are an ideal way for businesses to drive revenue while also improving the overall customer experience. But it’s not just like flipping a switch; there’s a lot consider before your business shifts to a usage-based model. To start, consider these three critical factors before you begin your project:

The Lead-to-Revenue Data Loop

Exploring the inextricable link between data, lead-to-revenue operations and organizational agility In the modern business landscape, effective lead-to-revenue (LTR) operations and sound data are inextricably linked.  The ability to embrace new business models, speed time to market and create an enhanced customer experience requires a firm but flexible LTR framework that connects the front, middle […]

Seven factors to consider before your business moves to a subscription model (Ambition Magazine)

Thinking of moving your business to a subscription model to grow revenues? Navint CEO, Jim Martindale outlines 7 factors to consider so you understand how the change will impact the way your sales teams work with customers – and your company.