By: Jeff Wissink, Navint Managing Director

The cornerstone of any successful business is the ability to attract and retain customers. This is nothing new. What has changed is the digital nature of the customer experience and the ever-increasing expectations of customers in exchange for their business. Businesses are rapidly digitizing their customer experiences and simultaneously transforming their customer relationships to focus on recurring flows of provisioning, consumption, and revenue.

Engaging the Continuous Customer™ is rapidly moving far beyond a sales and marketing tactic to encompass an entire organization and every process therein. It is exposing the need to monetize services in a variety of ways, such innovative packaging paired with subscription, usage-based, and event-based payment arrangements. It also means organizing products and services continuously and in varied combinations that enable the relationship to stick and literally pass the test of time.

Therein lies the continuous customer challenge: the customer is ‘always-on,’ interacting with multiple internal operations with increased velocity and complexity.

Join myself and Steve Terry on our upcoming webinar where we’ll talk about what it means to have Continuous Customers™, share examples of businesses making this transition, and discuss six ways to accelerate the journey to recurring revenue.