Navint: Your Guide through the Subscription Economy

It’s tempting to think of subscription-revenue business models as most appropriate for software companies, but subscription-revenue models can be applied to virtually every business. This “anything-as-a-service” or XaaS concept is catching fire, as executives begin to realize that subscription-revenue businesses are more predictable, more economically durable, and easier to run. And according to John Warrillow, author and creator of The Value Builder System, they also can be eight times more valuable. However, shifting to a subscription-revenue business is not always easy, as cash flows are shaped differently and operational complexities exist with business processes, organization structures, and legacy systems. Navint has been increasing the financial performance of our clients for decades, and in recent years, has helped dozens of clients make the leap to subscription-revenue business models.

Somewhat ironically, Navint’s move towards helping companies through the Subscription Economy has necessitated a change in the way we serve those companies. To that end, Navint is pleased to introduce NavintNow, a collection of service offerings specifically tailored to companies that are exploring, growing, or maturing subscription-revenue businesses.

NavintNow Orient
NavintNow Orient provides access to seasoned Navint professionals and thought leadership in a workshop setting. Blends Navint subscription best practices, methodology, and case experience with our situation. This orientation is tailored to clients who are seeking to determine what steps they should take next to move the business towards their subscription management objectives.

For more information on the structure of a typical NavintNow Orient workshop, click here.

NavintNow Engage
Through NavintNow Engage we offer clients the ability to engage with leaders from across the whole Navint organization. Depending on the situation, the vertical, and the specific challenges of the day Navint can provide assistance with analysis and assessment, and help direct key decisions.

This is offered as a standalone product for clients who would benefit from continual access to Navint know-how, and is particularly powerful when coordinated with the NavintNow Orient Workshop, to provide continual support for initiatives after the orientation process has helped frame the goals and roadmap to success. NavintNow Engage is also offered as a supplemental arrangement to our engagements with Navint staff on-the-ground.

NavintNow Access
Our Subscription Services practice is committed to turning all of our delivery experience in continued learning and improvement to our design, planning, and best practice library. NavintNow Access provides our clients with access to the NavintNow playbook. This playbook provides a reference guide to best practices and benchmarks for core operating services, covering subscription product design, quote-to-order, order management, and billing through to revenue recognition and making sure that your business learns from its data to drive continual customer success.

This is typically offered within the context of a Navint engagement. Similar to Engage, this service ensures that every Navint team, and client engagement is fueled by the whole knowledge base and experience of Navint and the Navint client community.

NavintNow Select
Similar to Orient, NavintNow Select condenses Navint experience and technology expertise into a compacted timeline that quickly enables companies to determine the appropriate enabling technology for their business. By leveraging our experience with best operating practices and significant hands-on know-how with leading technology vendors like goTransverse and Aria Systems, gone are the days of extensive technology selection processes.